Gecko in.XM Spa Pak
Gecko in.XM Spa Pak

Gecko in.XM Spa Pak

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Sturdy, compact and thin, in.XM is a perfect fit in any cramped spa equipment compartment. Heater-"less", it can drive the most demanding pumps, blowers, accessories and AV equipment of today's best selling spas and hot tubs. in.XM is fully compatible with its perfect companion, our new in.therm smart remote water heating system.

In.xm new terminal block is sure to please installers with more room to insert wires and make connections. Our pack boasts the first-ever UL approved kinetic heating protection shutting all accessories off when it senses water overheat making in.XM the safest platform in the industry.

in.XM has also a clever water temperature refresh algorithm that starts pumps whenever needed.


  • IPX5 waterproof rated
  • Versatile pack that can support up to 5 pumps, blower, circ pump, ozone and stereo outlet (min 25GPM req'd for circ operation)
  • Preloaded configurations allow fast and easy installation
  • 240 required
  • Each output voltage supports 120/240V (in.Link)
  • 2" electrical remote heater (sold separately from the pack)
  • Programmable filter cycles
  • Self - diagnostics
  • Solid-state dry-filter protection
  • Kinetic heat, overheat and anti-freeze protectors
  • Supports high-end topsides